Push Pier Monitor


  • Tether Length:  4 feet

Pier Monitor

  •    Length:   10 inch  
  •    Width:  3.0 inch
  •    Height:  2.8 inch
  •    Weight :   150 grams
  •    Cap Diameter:  3 inch
  •    Slots:  1.1 X 2.3 inch


  •   Length :  4.3 inch
  •   Width:     2.5 inch
  •   Height:    1.1 inch


  •      Voltage:  3.7 DC
  •      Current   200 mA

Communication Tech.  WIFI     

Push-Pier Monitoring System

The Push-Pier Monitoring system works in conjunction with an existing Push-Pier system to monitor changes in the foundation of a home. Slight elevation changes of the foundation of a home can be disastrous to the structural integrity of a home. This system will record changes in elevation and alert the user so adjustments can be made. This early knowledge can be the difference between major structural repair and just a call to the service division of the Push-Pier.