Residential Auger


  •      Length:   36 inch  
  •      Auger Shaft:  3/4inch Dia.
  •      Flights:  2” Dia.
  •      Weight :   15 lbs
  •      Cap Diameter:  3 inch


Installation Torque:

  •      With Pilot Tool :  25 ft/lb
  •      Without Pilot Tool:    85 ft/lb


  •      Voltage:  3.7 DC
  •      Current   200 mA

Communication Tech. 

  • WI- FI

Residential Sinkhole Early Detection System

The early detection system warns users of sinkholes before the damage takes place. Using Wi-Fi capabilities, the system sends alerts to users as soon as the device triggers. With two available sizes, this detection gives the comfort level of safety specific to what the user needs. This system is tested and sensitive to change to ensure that it will catch a potentially dangerous sinkhole. Notable features are the real-time alerts, easy installation and repairs, and durable, long-lasting equipment.